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Communication and Relationships: Questions to Ask a Guy You Like


What you may not notice that in our everyday lives, one of the most important factors of our existence is the act of communication, and how it affects the relationships we make around us. Wherever you are situated, no matter in which walk of life you are, you have the absolute need to build relationships, and to build relationships, you need to communicate with the people around you.


But if you are a female, a moment when your life where communication is necessary to build relationships is the moment you look for a partner. When you want to look for a guy who you can spend time with and be together, you must absolutely communicate with him to know what you have in common together. And furthermore, you need to communicate with him to reaffirm those similarities. If you do actually like the guy, then you need to know what things he likes, and what things pleases him.


Some questions to ask a boy you could ask will be some basic facts about the guy, and to see what he likes, such as:


o             When is your birthday? What have you planned on that day?

o             What are the things you like? TV shows, movies, musicians, artists, books and authors?

o             Where did you go to study?

o             What are your hobbies?

o             What do you like to do on your spare time?

o             What sports do you play?


Other romantic love messages and questions can be about his background, especially concerning his or her family. You can ask this question to affirm the relationship he has with his family.


o             How is your family doing?

o             Who is your closest among the members of your family?

o             Do you often hang out with your family, or go on trips?

o             How important is your family to you?


Other questions can also be interjected to add humor to the conversation, such as:


o             If you won the grand lottery tomorrow what would you do?

o             If you were stuck in an island, who or what would you bring?

o             Would you fight a hulk-sized midget or a midget-sized hulk?


All these questions will let you know what interests the guy might like, and see if you have similarities in terms of those things. Never be afraid to ask questions, but also ask them sparingly as to not annoy or creep out the guy. You could then in turn take turns asking questions with each other.